Workshops and Retreats

Workshops and Retreats

Custom team-building presentation based on your priority issues.



1-2 Hour Workshop Presentations

or  One-half Day Workshops

Topic Suggestions: 

  • Becoming a Leader of Your Own Life
  • Managing Calm in the Ocean of Work Stress: Using Brain-Science Research    
  • Communication and Trust building with your team.
  • Naming Your Emotional Work Triggers and Desensitizing Them!
  • Make a Place for Intuition Problem Solving
  • Forming a Heart-Centered Company



One or Two Day Leadership Offsite Retreats:

(Held at our CT mountainside retreat or at a site of your choosing.)

Using the Seven Tenets of Leadership found in The Alchemy of Authentic Leadership we inspire your team to create an “Authentic Heart-Centered Company” vision.

Our consulting team can:

  • Guide your team through a personal life and career satisfaction review.
  • Guide you to assess the challenges that face your team.
  • Improve communication and build trust among team members.
  • Practice intuition-building exercises.
  • Create a shared vision and purpose that engages and energizes each team member.
  • Generate commitment to being an authentic leader in your company role.
  • Visualize the future with a greater sense of passion for your own and your company’s mission.

Contact us at 860 386 6272 or email for  additional details and booking or fill in the form below.

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