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Private Coaching to Individuals within Companies:

Contact Steven Mundahl, CEO for:

steve-red-elmINDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT OF YOUR COMPANY:  Improve your Company’s “Authentic” Atmosphere (integrity, teamwork, creativity). Steve will help you to build healthy corporate cultures that do not cripple morale, dispirit employees and damage relationships with vendors, customers and community. He will also help you to become an authentic leader accentuating your own distinct style, aptitudes and values.

INDIVIDUAL SENIOR LEADERSHIP COACHING:  Personal Review of Overall Life Satisfaction/Risky Behavior of CEOs, a deeper look at yourself as a leader. Steve will help you to assess the next steps to improve your leadership game.

Contact Sharon Massoth, LCSW for:

sharon-Massoth269INDIVIDUAL LIFE COACHING:  If you wish to heal negative emotional triggers, improve or resolve relationship issues, or discover the core issues for anxiety or depression, Sharon will help you to come up with a healing strategy. You may be assisted in person or via Skype using a custom approach. Many of the healing modalities are described in the leadership book. This is your time to have the latest and fastest methods of moving you into a wholesome fulfilling personal and leadership life.

INTUITIVE COACHING:  Sharon has provided intuitive coaching on personal and company issues for leaders since 1982. She will assist you in understanding whether your job is aligned with your life purpose, understand soul lessons and know your next best steps forward. You can even discuss entrepreneurial ideas with her. Throughout the process, she will elicit your own intuitive sense in your decisions. You can also visit her website at:

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