What ‘All Is Lost’ Teaches Us About Living In The Moment

by Steven Mundahl on October 21, 2013

What can a movie tell us about living in the moment?
Steven Mundhal writes about All is Lost in Forbes.

Critics are hailing Robert Redford’s performance in the film All Is Lost as the best of his career. I see it as much more than a moviegoer’s experience. It’s really a meditation.

The name of the character Redford portrays is “Our Man,” and he’s the sole cast member, adrift in the Indian Ocean. After a rogue commercial container smashes a hole in the side of his yacht, he’s suddenly got to fend for himself.

Why should the movie travails of an older man—the real-life Redford is approaching 80—interest us? After all, this is pretty much a silent film, as Our Man tries to win a survival game against the forces of nature all by himself. There are unpredictable and fierce rainstorms, wind gales, and lack of drinking water….  [Read the Forbes Article here]

Steven Mundahl

CEO at Goodwill Industies in Western MA
Steven Mundahl is president and CEO of Goodwill Industries in western Massachusetts. He teaches leadership and personal effectiveness in the graduate school of Baypath College.

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