Learning to Trust your Intuition

by Steven Mundahl on October 3, 2013

Effective leaders trust their hunches and listen for synchronistic answers to their problems in the world around them. Call it “gut” or “inner knowing,” intuition is a powerful tool and ally for leadership. It serves you well in all areas of your life.

I remember an incident in my family years ago that illustrates this. As a boy, I had a hidden fort in the rafters of our attic. To reach it, I had to scramble along the rafters on my knees until I reached a section of plywood that covered the rafters and served as the floor of my hideout. One day, my mother was at a neighbor woman’s house and had no idea, of course, where I was.

I squatted along the attic rafters, I suddenly slipped and fell into the insulation and right through the floor of the attic and the ceiling of the upstairs bedroom below me. As I fell, I hit my head on one of the rafters and came crashing down into a heap on the bedroom floor, temporarily knocked unconscious..

Little did I know, at that moment my mother felt a rush of panic and told the neighbor woman something was wrong. She dashed out of the house and ran home. Without even hearing a sound from me, she ran up the steps to the upstairs bedroom and found me lying on the floor, pride a bit wounded but otherwise okay. To this day I wonder how she knew! From three houses away, she felt my panic and knew what to do as she rushed home to find me. The power of intuition is truly remarkable. It is not possessed solely by mothers but is a natural gift we all possess. We must develop it and learn to trust in it, through good times and difficult ones.

Do you have a similar experience to share?

Steven Mundahl

CEO at Goodwill Industies in Western MA
Steven Mundahl is president and CEO of Goodwill Industries in western Massachusetts. He teaches leadership and personal effectiveness in the graduate school of Baypath College.

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