Intending Our Thoughts: Firing Our Neurons

by Steven Mundahl on September 28, 2013

Thought is the preamble to creation, and it is the key ingredient to the creation of anything. By themselves, thoughts are not manifested creation; they only serve as the precursor to creation. With intention, however, thought begins to form, molding itself toward living material substance. At some point, the idea graduates into a form that can be drawn, molded, shaped, or erected. A human being has about 100 billion brain cells. Although different neurons fire at different speeds, as a rough estimate it is reasonable to estimate that a neuron can fire about once every five milliseconds, or about two hundred times a second. Brain waves have been measured traveling an average of 120 meters per second. The messages your brain creates—to tell your body to move—travel at more than 1,700 mph. Needless to say, our thoughts occur fast and often.

Thoughts can be powerful energy, and it is good to know that most of our thoughts will never manifest into concrete form. If thoughts of anger, lust, or frustration were to suddenly be seen and heard by others, we would all be in real trouble during our daily lives! Intended thought, however, can manifest into form and often does. Intention is the energy that sets thought into motion, and the strength and duration of the intention ultimately determines the ability for thought to manifest itself.

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Steven Mundahl

CEO at Goodwill Industies in Western MA
Steven Mundahl is president and CEO of Goodwill Industries in western Massachusetts. He teaches leadership and personal effectiveness in the graduate school of Baypath College.

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