Authentic Leadership Self-Analysis

Authentic Leadership Self-Analysis

Leadership Begins at Home

 Our Personal “House”:

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, contact us to see how we could help.

  • Do you feel successful in your career but your personal life is lacking happiness?
  • Are you “responsible” for others yet life seems imbalanced with others not “responsive” to you?
  • Are you “triggered” by situations and wonder if overreactions are a sign of a deeper hurt? Do you ruminate about situations far longer than you wish?
  • Are you taking anxiety or depression from personal situations into your job?
  • Have you felt a need to discuss your personal life issues with someone but don’t feel 100% comfortable in pursuing the traditional psychotherapy route?
  • Do you repeat risky behavior and need help to break the pattern before it breaks you?
  • Is your financial house in order or risky behaviors draining you?
  • Do you have an inspiring spiritual life that keeps you on the “high” road?
  • Is your physical health put on the back burner?
  • Are you happy in your career? Are you settling? Is there education that you are postponing?
  • Do you balance work with leisure, fun and adventure?

Our Corporate “House”:

“Corporate negative attitudes, practices and overall climates are often unquestionably upheld by their leadership, their stakeholders, even many of their employees. They are as easily transmitted to new employees as a virus spreads from one person to another. Often difficult to see from within, negative practices are relatively easy to detect by outside observers. These practices have long ago become “the norm.” —Steven Mundahl

If you answer “no” to any of these questions, contact us to see how we could help.

  • Does your team truly know and have the company’s mission at heart?
  • Is your company atmosphere one of concern and caring for each and every employee no matter their “importance” ?
  • Is your physical environment conducive to comfort, inspiration and productivity?.
  • Do you offer life balance solutions–EAP or other professional counseling services, fitness incentives such as weight loss or smoking cessation programs?
  • Do you offer “play time” where employees get together in social or even friendly team competition?
  • Have you created a reward system for everything that matters without pay being the only reward?
  • Do you have a mentor system in your company to teach, train and educate?
  • Do you foster dialogue, even non-work dialogue among your team members?
  • Do you allow time for intuitive problem-solving and reward innovative ideas?
  • Are you creative with meeting the scheduling needs of your staff (varied hours, job-sharing or working from home)?
  • Does your company show you care about the well-being of each employee’s family? 

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